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HAI Africa partners with a number of civil society organizations (CSOs) with whom it shares common values and interests. The following are some of the CSOs who have worked and are working with HAI Africa on various issues.

Coalition for Health Promotion and Social Development in Uganda (HEPS Uganda)

HEPS Uganda is a coalition of health advocates, health practitioners, civil society organizations, community-based groups and individuals who have come together to work towards the realization of affordable, accessible, quality health care that includes access to essential medicines and more rational use of medicines in Uganda.

The International Network for Rational Use of Drugs (INRUD) Kenya

INRUD was established in 1989 to promote rational use of medicines in developing countries. INRUD aims to achieve this through well-designed research and dissemination of strategies that have been proven to improve the way medicines are prescribed, dispensed and used. The Kenyan chapter, INRUD Kenya, was formed in 2002. INRUD-Kenya's main objective is to improve health care delivery through research, education, and advocacy through the promotion of rational use of medicines.

Consumer International Network (CIN) Kenya

CIN Kenya aims to empower consumers, with particular interest in the provision of health care. CIN advocates for a fair, just, quality and accessible health care system in Kenya and other countries. CIN is a member of Consumers International (CI).
CI links consumer groups and agencies all over the world, and has a membership in 115 countries.

Catholic Pharmaceutical Services

CPS' vision is to provide pharmaceutical service within the mission sector health facilities in Ghana, in the most effective, efficient and innovative manner, such that it will be complementary to the national health sector activities. Its mission is to improve the health of the rural people in Ghana by ensuring the availability and proper use of affordable essential medicines for the treatment, prevention and diagnosis of common health problems in Catholic and other mission health facilities.

CPS' key activities include improving and coordinating procurement of high quality and affordable essential medicines for the Catholic and other mission health institutions, supporting the zonal distribution centres to increase and maintain the production and distribution of high quality medicines, and increasing public awareness on rational use of medicines.

JMS (Joint Medical Store)

Joint Medical Store (JMS) was established in 1979 as a joint venture of the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB) and the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB). Initially set up as a service unit for channelling relief supplies to health facilities belonging to the Protestant and Catholic churches, JMS has gradually developed into a not-for–profit wholesale enterprise that procures, stores and sells over 2000 products including pharmaceuticals, medical and surgical sundries, equipment and instruments as well as laboratory supplies.

More recently the range of services provided has been expanded to include training and advisory services. Although the primary target for these services is the church health facilities, staff from government, other NGO and FBO facilities also benefit. The services provided include from the quarterly publication of a Drug Information Bulletin, training in stock management and rational drug use, training in equipment repair and maintenance and a small drug information service.

JMS’s objectives are to ensure:
the availability and affordability of an adequate supply of safe, effective, high quality essential and cost-effective medicines and medical supplies
receiving functions and all inventory related activities are performed efficiently and effectively and ensure the proper and safe storage and reliable movement of medicines and medical supplies in the warehouse.
efficient and effective sales and distribution of medicines and medical supplies

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