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Stock Out of Essential Medicines

Campaign statement
Stock-outs disproportionately affect the poor, and this is exacerbated in rural areas where stock-outs are the worst. To compound these problems, stock-outs force people in already dire circumstances to buy medicines at much higher prices from the private sector. Due to these excessively high prices, patients are frequently forced to go without medicines needed to treat serious conditions that are otherwise treatable or preventable. Too often, stock-outs unnecessarily leave patients facing serious illness or death.

The “Stop the Stock-outs” campaign is calling on governments and health departments to end stock-outs now by:

  • Providing financial and operational autonomy to the national medicines procurement and supply agency
  • Giving representation of civil society on the board of the national medicines procurement and supply agency
  • Ending corruption in the medicine supply chain to stop theft and diversion of essential medicines
  • Providing a dedicated budget line for essential medicines
  • Living up to commitments to spend 15% of national budgets on health care
  • Providing free essential medicines at all public health institutions.

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