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Africa Health Research Organisation (AHRO)

The Africa Health Research Organisation (AHRO) was formed in 2002 after one of the founding Directors took part in a forum organised by DFID prior to the Barcelona AIDS Conference. During the forum, he identified the need for what he termed "A sort of visionary project whereby all African dedicated NGOs will be brought together to fight for a complete new directions in addressing the African problem". AHRO Mode of Operation is therefore based on a very unique system of networking with its main Operational office in London, UK.
The aims and objectives for which the organisation was established are:

  • To build a story network so that it can in collaboration with its partners intervene in emergency situation.
  • Mount educational awareness campaign in order to help the African people become informed.
  • Through its partners, help in provision of drugs to poor communities in Africa.
  • Lead series of scientific studies in order to develop better health treatment, diagnosis and case management protocol.
  • Promoting volunteerism in Africa.

The organisation’s policy is based on a desire of maintaining its independence from any governmental influence which will allow the organisation to perform its function as watchdogs.
Due to its unique networking structure, the AHRO uses a special arrangement. Its main operational office is in London UK which hosts two special projects: The Africa Journal of Tropical Medicine of Public Health and the London HIV/AIDS Conference.
The Continental Headquarters is in Accra, Ghana. Regional offices are based in Benin, Cameroon, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ivory Coast, Zambia and Rwanda. In addition, it has International office in places like: Australia, USA, Belgium, Germany, Oman, Canada, France, Italy and Russia. These create the foundation for collaborative policy of the original.
The Executive Committee is formed from 11 members of the various regional offices by board for a renewable term of 4 years. The Committee follows up the AHRO progress of work and also make the necessary decisions concerning any urgent matters that may come up. The minutes of its meetings are to be presented to the Scientific Board.
Responsibilities of the Scientific Committee include:

  • Drawing up work plans together with the necessary implementation programmed in pursuit of AHRO purposes
  • Doing whatever is necessary to consolidate the organisation and propagate its objective in the whole world.
  • Convening conferences, seminars, workshops, preparing their agendas and following up the implementation of their recommendations.
  • Proposing topic for scientific studies, supervising works on them and makes evaluation of these researches.
  • Approving the annual reports about the organisation's activities.
  • Approving the AHRO administrative and financial regulations.
  • Forming of specialised committees to conduct studies on whatever is deemed necessary for the attainment of the AHRO purposes.

Scientific committees convene a meeting at least twice a year. A minimum of 50% of the total number of its members will form the quorum of these meetings, provided the chairman or a representative of his choice from the board members attends. The board may also hold special meeting; if called by the chairman or requested by at least a third of the board members.
General Secretariat is formed from a Secretary aided by an assistant and a number of technical officers and administrative staff. The general secretariat is considered the executive machinery of AHRO and will be responsible for the following:

  • Implementation of resolution and recommendation of the scientific board and the executive committee.
  • Preparing studies requested by the board of experts.
  • Preparing the necessary documents related to the convention of the scientific board, the executive committee, conferences and seminars and carrying out the secretariat work during their sessions.

The international office is tasked with making the necessary contacts with specialised international organisation and other parties concerned with the AHRO's activities.

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