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CHAN MEDI-PHARM is an ecumenical drug supply organization founded by three prominent church bodies to coordinate the provision of essential medicines and medical consumables for church owned health facilities in the country.

It is a subsidiary and the drug supply and distribution arm of the Christian Health Association of Nigeria (CHAN), which has been in operations since 1979. The founding bodies include:

  • The Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Nigeria
  • The Christian Council of Nigeria
  • The Northern Christian Medical Advisory Council

CHAN has a membership strength of over 400 Member Institutions (MIs) otherwise called mission hospitals and anther 4000 primary healthcare facilities affiliated to the mission hospitals.
The Member Institutions render a wide scope of healthcare services from Primary to Tertiary and spread across various locations providing healthcare services in Nigeria with the overall mission of reaching the “unreached”, and making available, affordable and equitable healthcare to the economically and geographically disadvantaged populations in the country.

Contact information:
Tel: 073-280874
Fax: 073-280826.
Customer Care Hotline: 073-281935, 08051013745
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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