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Centre Medical Evangelique Nyakunde(CME)

CME Nyankunde continues its work in Beni, Oicha, Bunia and Aru. Since the 1st April 2004 a small health clinic has reopened at Nyankunde to serve the 7000 people of the Bira tribe who have returned to the village and to their daily toil of hoeing the relatively fertile ground. Among them are some pastors and evangelists and youth workers so that spiritual work has resumed from the beginning of the regrowth.

The direction of the Nyankunde medical centre is to be congratulated on the priority placed on higher education in years gone by, so that today there is a band of well trained spiritual leaders who are carrying on the work in new geographical areas. Most of them are working for a smaller salary than they received at Nyankunde and all are living in less commodious housing. Some are still living in a tarpaulin-roofed displaced people's camp.

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