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The National Consumer Environment / L'Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs et de l'Environnement du Togo(ANCE TOGO)

The National Consumers and Environmental Alliance of Togo (ANCE-Togo), is a national network of NGOs, CBOs and individuals created on May 22, 1999 but having received official recognition on September 03, 1999.  ANCE is registered as a non profit and charity network organisation to the Ministry of Security and Decentralisation of Togo under the number N°3228 issued on September 03, 1999. ANCE regroups today 26 affiliated member organisations and more than 431 individual in Togo.

The programs of the network are organized in three large branches which include Environment, Consumption and Habitat.

  1. The Environment Branch:  this branch develops several activities and programs such as:  Biodiversity Conservation, Organic Agriculture, Promotion of a strategic approach for chemicals management Sustainable Management of Urban Waste, Integrated Water Resources Management
  2. The Consumption Branch: under which it aims at
  • The promotion of Consumers Basic rights;
  • The promotion of food safety;
  • Awareness rising on Genetically Modified Organizations (GMO);
  • Fight against Corporate Abuses (fight against tobacco multinationals, urban environment pollution, misleading publicities, multinational’s interferences to subvert local healthy and environmental policy, etc);
  • Promotion of consumption of organic products through fair trade

3. The Habitat & Tenants Right Branch:   this division works for the promotion of the constitutional right to housing for all with all its components, namely the right to drinking water for all, the right to energy and the telephone, the promotion of social housings, etc.

The identified priorities in this sector are:

  1. Promotion of Cultural Habitats
  2. Promotion of Right to Social Housings
  3. Improvement of Tenants Rights
  4. Cleansing up of cities and villages.

At the international level, ANCE belong to several international networks and is the local strategic partner to several international organizations such Pesticide Action Network (PAN), Both ENDS MFS Strategic Partner, International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN), Mangrove Action Project (MAP) in USA, Global Greengrants Fund (USA), Health care Without Harm (USA), Habitat International Coalition (HIC), International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), etc.  ANCE is also member and actively participate to the Regional Consultations of the ˝ African Core Group on Strategic Approach for International Chemicals Management (SAICM) ˝ instituted by UN agency UNEP.

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